Zero Day Patches

Zero Day Patches

Record year for Microsoft and key third party software vendors.
2015 was a bumper crop year for the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, and Java. Microsoft, alone, eclipsed their previous annual patch record in just ten months.
Zero Day patches set new records as well in the industry, in fact October, 2015 was the rst month that Patch Tuesday, didn’t have any Zero Days!


  • 90% of all successful attacks occurred against previously known vulnerabilities where a patch or se- cure con guration standard was already available but not known. – Gartner Group
  • 41% of all companies that fail security audits are not properly patched
  • DoD agencies rate patching and third party patching #2 and#3 in the top four strategies to mitigate targeted Cyber Intrusions


Microsoft, Adobe, Java and other software vendors release some out of cycle security updates to mitigate recently discovered vulnerabilities.
Many other Zero Day updates are released on Patch Tuesdays. Zero Day Updates are critical for system administrators to deploy throughout the network as soon as possible.


Use Patch Manager, from the ePO dashboard to identify the announced security advisory.
Then use Patch Manager integration with McAfee Active Response and DXL to query and deploy the security updates.

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