PC Power Manager for ePO with Wake-On-LAN Secure

PC Power Manager for ePO reduces desktop/laptop energy use and saves from $40,000-$60,000 per 1,000 desktop computers per year – each and every year. The software installs just like any other security component within McAfee ePO. The user never leaves the ePO console or the operating parameters of ePO when using Power Manager. Reports tell you how much you are saving across the enterprise, group, or system.

Many power companies across the country have energy reduction programs that provide rebates to cover the entire cost of installation, deployment, and on-going support. The cost to McAfee ePO users is zero when there is a utility company rebate available. Autonomic Software does the work for you including: installation, deployment, training, and support. Yearly savings can pay for McAfee’s Endpoint Security Suite. PC Power Manager helps Autonomic Software in one of its chief goals – “drive cost-of-ownership of our products to zero.”

PC Power Manager also provides Wake-on-LAN Secure for waking up computers in off time to perform network and endpoint tasks, updates and maintenance. There is no need to reconfigure routers to enable wake-on-LAN across multiple subnets.

Reducing IT costs and helping the Environment

  • ROI 460% – Savings are measurable
  • Saves an average of $40 to $60 a machine per year – 1,000 desktops = about $40,000-$60,000
  • Green – Friendly to the environment and positively boosts sustainability programs
  • Eligible for a growing list of utility company and government power conservation rebate programs. Rebates can pay for the entire project, as well as McAfee’s Endpoint security solution – and the PC Power Manager software is yours for five years.
  • Set up PC Power Manager and forget about it – It automatically takes care of itself until you want to add computers or change a policy
  • Potential to qualify for tax incentives and carbon trading programs


  • Allows IT professionals to manage enterprise-wide PC conservation program through ePO
  • Policy driven power management through ePO
  • Fine-grained controls for hibernation, standby, shut down, and wake up
  • Policies can target groups, domains, systems, the entire enterprise, etc.
  • Wake-On-LAN Secure wakes systems up to perform security maintenance tasks (patching, DAT updates) and puts computers back to sleep when tasks are finished
  • Centralized, graphical user interface, dashboard-driven policy settings
  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Granular reporting – what you save, policies, individuals, groups, enterprise, and global sites
  • Utilizes the security of ePO


  • Supports ePO 4.5 – 5x – All Windows and Mac Platforms

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