Patch and Application Manager for ePO

Patch and Application Manager is a fully integrated component that provides McAfee ePO users with a comprehensive solution to manage Windows and Mac updates including third party and custom applications for desktops, laptops, and servers. All data collected by Patch Manager rolls up into Risk Advisor for McAfee ePO to provide a more comprehensive view of an organizations network and vulnerabilities.


  • Complete integration with McAfee’s ePO – One console, database, report generator, patching content, and ePO’s security
  • Enterprise Scalability – Delivery of patches to large organizations, but also meets requirements of small-to-mid-sized organizations
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of patch compliance
  • Agent-based patch management ensures complete security coverage for desktops, while also protecting remote users on laptops and workstations
  • Patches are applied according to your security timelines
  • Compliant with corporate and government regulations and policies
  • 100% Accurate helping you pass security audits
  • Scans and reports all software applications on Windows and Mac platforms
  • All policy approved software updates automatically when patches become available
  • Ability to schedule patches to individuals, groups, or the entire enterprise
  • Allows the administrator to control the scanning and patch distribution schedule to minimize any end-user disruptions
  • Granular reports on which patches are available, current patch status, and which machines are fully patched vs. which are not
  • Automated for maximum efficiency – saving administration time, effort, and reducing costs
  • Third party (adobe, java, firefox, chrome, etc.) and custom patches for software applications on Windows and Mac platforms
  • No disruption to the end user – Patching can be scheduled in hours when the users are not on the system
  • Distributed patch repositories available for local use rather than managing centralized patching over many locations
  • Global Update Repository includes Microsoft, third party, and custom application patches

Use Patch and Application Manager to detect, deploy, and defend your enterprise!


  • ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 -5x
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac (currently in development)

Data Sheet
Demonstration Video