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Endpoint and Security Management Products for Intel Security (McAfee) ePolicy Orchestrator Users

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) users now incorporate powerful endpoint and security solutions developed by Autonomic Software. These fully integrated solutions reduce complexity, optimize efficiency, and maintain a secure environment … all with minimal human intervention. McAfee ePO users continue to utilize the ePO console, database, report generator, and the security of one of the most secure platforms on the planet. These ePO plug-ins identify, report, and remediate issues; as well as managing key endpoint management and security tasks. The solutions are self healing, self aware, very fast, and extremely robust. They install in a snap and require minimal training. No additional hardware or databases are required. These solutions are readily customizable for unique requirements. All three solutions operate in both virtual and physical environments. Autonomic Software’s solutions are so tightly integrated into McAfee ePO that you won’t know where we pick up and McAfee leaves off.

If you know McAfee ePO, you know our endpoint and security management products. Not more that 30 extra minutes is needed in training. The products are so tightly integrated into ePO, they extend the functionality and usefulness without the extra drain on network resources. McAfee ePO offers a secure framework so critical to endpoint management and security. With the ePO framework, solutions can reside together; providing one seamless solution that will encompass all endpoint management tasks a system admin will need to make sure endpoints are secure.

Endpoint and Security Products

Patch Manager for ePO
Power Manager for ePO
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