Incentives Available for Entergy New Orleans Customers

Autonomic Software is the only company that will offer you PC Power Management Software completely FREE! No cost, no invoices, no catch!

We will travel to New Orleans over the next couple months; so if you would like a Face-to-Face meeting, please let us know. Contact Liz Atkinson for additional information. She can send you any of the following:

  • FAQ’s – PC Power Manager
  • Custom Power Savings Estimate
  • Data Sheet – PC Power Manager

We can also schedule a personal WebEx presentation/demonstration to discuss the 2018 PC Power Management Incentive Program.

Autonomic Software’s PC Power Manager Highlights to reduce desktop/laptop energy consumption:

  • Manages enterprise-wide desktop/laptop power usage form a centrally managed console
  • Fine-grained controls for hibernation, standby, shut down, and wake up
  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Create different power policies for different groups, locations, sub-nets, etc.
  • Wake-On-LAN-Secure wakes machines up to perform security maintenance tasks and puts computers back to sleep when tasks are finished
  • Supports all Windows and Mac platforms
  • Reduces PC Power Usage by 40% – 60%
  • Very friendly to the Environment – Reduces CO2 and saves on non-renewable resources
  • Set up PC Power Manager and forget about it – it will automatically take care of itself until you want to change a policy – very little human intervention.
  • Autonomic Software installs, deploys, trains IT staff, provides all updates, fills out all incentive paperwork, and provides on-going maintenance
  • Installation can be done onsite or by remote access; installs quickly, approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Deployment takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the number of nodes.
  • Quantifies results in both kWh and dollars – by machine, group, or the whole organization (many applications, i.e., Microsoft GPO cannot do this)

Unlike other utility company rebates, there is no out of pocket cost to your organization. Autonomic Software accepts the utility company rebates as payment in full for the software (including support and maintenance).

The utility company pays us as a trade-ally, a one-time payment for the entire 3 years. There is no catch and no hidden fees. You will never be sent an invoice.

Autonomic Software, in collaboration with many electrical utility companies, has provided K-12 school districts, colleges/universities, businesses, and government accounts across North America this important energy and budget saving program.

Please feel free to contact your local utility company representative if you have any questions about the PC Power Manager Rebate Program or if you would like to verify Autonomic Software’s status as a registered trade-ally. For information about this program, Entergy New Orleans Customers can visit, email or call (504)229-6868.

Contact Liz Atkinson for additional information about the Program through Autonomic Software

Liz Atkinson
(925) 820-3890

Data Sheet – Entergy New Orleans Incentives