Building Partnerships that Generate Business Opportunities

Along with our dedicated partners we turn over every stone to find the best possible business opportunities, and acting in concert we work to convert those opportunities into business for both companies. We are now looking for partners to resell our products on a national or international basis.

We are also seeking companies who are looking to integrate endpoint management solutions into their existing product or service offerings. We tightly integrate endpoint security and management solutions into existing or new product offerings. Doing so allows us to leverage existing infrastructures to extend functionality, effectiveness and security; thereby reducing complexity and amplifying usability.

Technology Partners

McAfee/Intel Securities – Autonomic Software worked closely with McAfee to tightly integrate PC Power Manager, Patch and Application Manager, and Endpoint Manager into their ePO framework. We utilize the ePO console, database, and reports generator for a seamless look and feel. No added hardware is needed and our products work in both actual and virtual environments. For more information please visit our ePO Product Section.

Press Release – McAfee names Autonomic Software Partner of the Year

If you wish to become a partner of Autonomic Software, please call Tony Gigliotti, President, at 925-683-8351.