Autonomics & Intel Ink Collaboration Agreement – June 2012

Autonomics & Intel Ink Collaboration Agreement, Enhancing Accuracy & Personalization for ANSA Power Management Software

Pilot Tests With Intel Labs and Autonomic Software’s Desktop Power Manager Technology.

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Danville, CA – June 14, 2012

Autonomic Software, Inc. a leading enterprise power reduction, network management and security solutions provider, today announced that they signed a Collaboration Agreement with Intel to integrate Sum VE™ technology into ANSA Platinum software, and that they will be participating in Market pilot tests of this enhanced solution.

The technology accurately monitors and reports on PC platform energy consumption in real time, providing measurable proof of energy savings achieved by use of Autonomics PC Fleet Energy management solutions. The Collaboration Agreement links Autonomics with market pilot tests of Intel’s Personal Office Energy Manager (POEM ™), a sensor-fusion application combining energy, light, temperature, and humidity surrounding POEM-enabled PC users.

The prototype application allows individuals to measure & manage their goals for energy and ambient resource consumption while also reporting to building managers on personal comfort levels individually and in aggregate.

“We are delighted to be working with Intel in the development of a solution that will positively encourage workers to do their part in minimizing the use of energy in their working environment. Desktop power management is a core technology for us, we keep the code lightweight and very flexible for just an opportunity like this,” said Tony Gigliotti, President of Autonomic Software, Inc.

POEM, Intel’s Windows™ based application, will collect environmental information, including PC Energy consumption and provide office workers with their comparison to the average energy consumption for other workers in the department, floor or building. In addition to the user-facing application, POEM provides a McAfee ePO compliant management console so Building Managers gain insight into users’ comfort preferences, energy consumption levels, and a much finer-grained measurement set of temperature / humidity & light levels throughout the building. Deploying with an ePO compliant console allows Autonomics, along with the Intel Labs POEM prototype to offer the only enterprise class open platform to centrally monitor and manage PC energy, and security settings for systems, networks, data, and desktop Power management, as well as security patching and compliance solutions.

There are two main components to POEM: a desktop application that displays energy usage and other environmental information, and a back-end system that stores the information in a database, and communicates with building management systems from other vendors. Autonomic Software’s power management component will manage PC energy settings and collect the data needed by the dedicated information database.

“Deploying with a desktop power management solution that’s already integrated into McAfee’s ePO Framework is a real plus for Enterprise Managers concerned with securely managing PC Energy Consumption,” said Martin Curley, Vice President of Intel Labs Europe. “Our work on POEM gives office workers the information to empower them to make choices reducing their average energy consumption. We are looking forward to working with Autonomic Software on this project.”

Autonomic Software’s ANSA Desktop Power Manager is compliant with McAfee’s E-Policy Orchestrator Framework (ePO), a policy driven solution that automatically controls the energy settings of desktop and laptop computers. Users can expect to reduce energy bills substantially on an annual business using these techniques.

With this Collaboration Agreement the companies are exploring the integration of Sum VE with ANSA Software to accurately measure and report upon the actual energy use & savings as well as looking at other office IT equipment that have an IP address. This will extend the power saving capabilities of this upcoming solution. POEM is now in the alpha state of development & testing at a company in Paris, France, as well as with Intel’s offices in Tokyo, Japan.

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