Not Without Vision

“Vision Without Execution is Hallucination”- Thomas Edison

Our company vision originated in a completely different space, implementing CRM applications. Our development teams customized, installed and deployed CRM applications to Fortune 500 accounts. We’d install the software, do the required customization and deploy to a decent sized test bed. Everything almost always worked. Then we’d tweak issues, test again, and prepare to deploy. When we deployed, everything almost always did not work! Most environments were poorly patched and issues prevented reliability. That’s when we realized Patch Management was a place to be.

After way too many false starts, we saw we were simply making the same mistakes that existing companies like Microsoft, Big Fix, Alteris, etc., had perfected. Solutions were bloated with code, agents were resource hogs, implementations were tough, plus everybody required a separate console and database. Integration was lip service. Our vision evolved to develop security solutions that negated the issues of price, cost of ownership, loss of security, and effort to use. How can we become more intuitive; do more with less? We decided to develop solutions based on technology that would not bog down an enterprise with yet another console, extra databases, or fat agents.

We saw an opportunity (envisioned if you will) to outperform our competitors with efficient code development, agents so small as to almost be invisible, and solutions so agile that they can be custom-coded to fit a customer’s specific need. We then expanded our offering to include a very powerful End Point Management suit, and an award winning Power Manager suite that saves enough to pay for most endpoint security suites.

We continue to chase our vision, but we’ve made some phenomenal strides:

  • Our source code is under 20,000 lines for Power, Patch, and Endpoint vs. at least 1,500,000 lines for the likes of any of our competition
  • Our agent is under 500 kb vs. the usual 16mb of other solutions. (There are some agents that are bigger than our source code!)
  • Our technology allows us to handle client requests in days, not months
  • We can integrate our solution into any platform; just like we did with McAfee in as little as a few weeks. We are currently implementing our products with several other companies right now.
  • Our ease of implementation is stunning. Try us; you’ll see.
  • We’ve increased our asset collection, patch, etc to favorably compete with anyone in the world. And we remain.. cheaper, better, faster. A true value.

Our simple vision of simplifying the crucial work of I.T. personnel, whom have been forced to do more with less, is leading us through the doors of true autonomics, “ self healing, and intuitive solutions”.

Our company had a very painful birthing process. For a small company, development is fraught with dead ends, bad concepts; you name it. We started with Patch Manager, but we wanted a clean slate/platform, if you will. We saw Microsoft, Alteris, Big Fix, and many other competitors who were established. Each of their solutions did a job, but we questioned, “at what price, at what expense, at what burden to the user, at what burden to the enterprise, at what cost to overall security?” With that in mind, we created our products; products that are faster, more efficient, more intuitive, more user friendly, and less costly than those of our competitors.