Autonomic Software Background

Autonomic Software was founded in 2004 with the objective of creating software solutions based on the autonomic principals of computing. These new solutions were built from the ground up with no legacy code as a development base. The experienced technical team focused on keeping the code as clean and light as possible. The result is a very lean solution that use less that 20,000 lines of code in total for all our endpoint and security management solutions. The agent is only a few hundred kbs, one of the lightest agents in the industry. Light code makes it easy for our technical team to integrate our solutions into other company’s centralized management frameworks; extending the functionality or adding new capabilities to those frameworks.

Autonomic Software sells its solutions world-wide through its own sales organization and through resellers. Autonomic Software became a Security Innovation and Alliance Partner with Intel Security (formerly McAfee). We fully integrated our endpoint and security management solutions into McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), a centralized management console providing a single console to secure and manage end points.

Our Customers

Organizations across all markets have requirements for computer endpoint and security management solutions. The current climate in network computing demands that computers be managed and secured to prevent catastrophic breaches or disruptions to the business. Key markets the Company serves are government, education, finance, and technology. Customers range from small rural schools to large multi-national enterprises that do business on a global scale.

Our Products

Autonomic Software’s current set of products are endpoint and security management solutions that are fully integrated into McAfee ePO. The Company’s solutions extend ePO’s functionality and provide added security for ePO users.

Patch and Application Manager for McAfee ePO – Patches not only Windows and Linux, but additional third-party or custom applications as well – including Adobe, Java, and others.

PC Power Manager for McAfee ePO – Provides the ability to reduce desktop/laptop power consumption by 35–60%. Uses Wake-on-LAN to wake up machines and put them back to sleep again when tasks are finished. Autonomic Software leverages the capabilities of ePO and is able to wake computers on different sub-nets without having to make changes to a company’s routers.

Executive Management

Tony Gigliotti – CEO, President

McAfee and Autonomic Software

Autonomic Software formed a partnership with McAfee to integrate Power Manager, Patch Manager, and Endpoint Manager into McAfee’s ePO security framework. The products extend ePO functionality and provide added security to one of the most secure frameworks on the planet.


  • Cyber Security 500 – #40 top Cyber Security Company
  • McAfee – Autonomic Software SIA Innovative Partner of the Year 2011, 2013, 2015
  • InfoWorld – Technology of the Year
  • Pacific Gas and Electric – Best Integration Partner
  • Clear Results – Exceptional Achievement Award
  • Entergy Arkansas – Exceptional Achievement -Trade Ally

Giving Back

Late in 2013, Autonomic Software started a program for Arkansas School Districts. Our purpose was to help the school districts significantly reduce spending for energy used by their desktops/laptops. The savings went back into their budgets to benefit the schools and their students. We provided Power Manager in return for the rebates offered by local utility companies. In areas where the rebates were not offered, we provided the same solutions at no cost. To date this program has been a huge success.

This program has been extended to School Districts in all States where rebates exist.

Future Directions

Our future includes further utilization of the principals of autonomic computing – software that knows how to take care of itself, finds and fixes problems, and requires little human intervention. The goal is to build software that understands its environment and can manage tasks with little or no human intervention. Autonomic Software will continue to develop software solutions with the lightest footprint in the industry – keeping to our word that “less is more.”

Autonomic Software develops products that easily manage and secure computers. We focus on creating components that easily integrate into other security and management platforms; extending capabilities and delivering solutions customers want, all under a single console they are already familiar with.

Autonomic Software believes in delivering solutions that better serve our customers and help preserve the environment.