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Automating Patch Workflow

Automating Patch Workflow Not all desktops or servers are created equal. Some contain general information, some important information, and others hold classi ed or vital information. How can large organizations set up nodes to be updated according to the importance of information on them. How can they minimize as much as possible risking con dential, […]

Zero Day Patches

Zero Day Patches Record year for Microsoft and key third party software vendors. 2015 was a bumper crop year for the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, and Java. Microsoft, alone, eclipsed their previous annual patch record in just ten months. Zero Day patches set new records as well in the industry, in fact October, 2015 was […]

NAT’D Managed Nodes

NAT’D Managed Nodes Protecting end points when companies are trying to reduce the number of public IP address through Network Address Translation CHALLENGE: Since the 1990’s NAT has been increasingly used in large organizations as an essential tool in conserving global address space allocations in face of IPv4 address exhaustion. The challenge is the connection to […]

Custom Applications – Updates

Custom Applications / Updates FACT: While third party applications account for 1/3 of all software on business computers; they account for over 2/3 of new security updates. Custom applications also pose a security risk and must be updated like any other software application as updates are released. CHALLENGE: A company in the healthcare industry needs to […]

High Security Environment

High Security Environment  – Air Gap Applications Challenge: Energy and utility companies have control systems sequestered within an “Air Gap” environment. Manually patching is not feasible due to the frequency and number of security patches. Additionally, information or connection to the outside world can not occur. How can clients keep the secure environment updated? Solution: […]