ANSA Technology
The single agent on a desktop or server is responsible for completing the tasks of:
  • Receiving task instructions from the console and implements the instructions
  • Installs patches and validates the patch installation is correct
  • 100 % correct asset scanning and reports
  • Collects and transmits data to the ANSA Server/controller
  • Software deployment
  • Energy management
  • Remediates – Changes that constitutes a threat
  • Enforces configuration rules with little or no IT involvement
  • Implementing and enforcing corporate and regulatory policies
  • Rapidly installing of ANSA
  • Accommodating future Technology
  • Performing almost any managed service or remote monitoring request
  • Installs white list software/de-installs software not on white list
  • Alerts and notifications send and received
  • Monitors compliance and enforces corporate and regulatory policies
  • Reports on who accesses, removes or changes data
  • Maintaining compatibility in a cross-platform environment
  • Compatibility with out-of-the box, custom and legacy software
  • Launch a process or Kill a process
  • Remain transparent to the end users
Patented ANSA Agent
The ANSA Controller
The Single Controller on a dedicated server is responsible for:

  • Implementing the ANSA operational modules i.e.: Patching
  • Creates granular reports that can provide different views as needed
  • Scales to large networks
  • Global update repository
  • Support the creation of policies
The ANSA Console
The web-based console is responsible for:

  • Providing anytime and anywhere access
  • Clear presentation of ANSA information
  • Allowing network administration to
  • Change views and report formats
  • Create policies
  • Set schedules for patching, software deployments, asset scans, etc.
  • Deploying patches, software applications, updates and hot fixes
  • Check validations
  • Follow up alerts
  • Verification of tasks completed
  • Set energy parameters for desktops
  • Maintain and manage passwords

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