Autonomic Versus Automatic

Automatic Solutions
  • Repetitious, self-regulating process that carries out an operator or programmed-specified response or sequence
  • Program tells the automated process when to turn on and off, where it is expected to go and exactly what it is expected to do. It will do nothing outside of the of its defined boundaries regardless what it may find
  • Little or no outside interference, if the process of automation stays within the preset perimeters
  • If for some reason the automated process moves outside of the preset perimeters the system may send an alert before shutting down.
  • Automation saves time and drudgery as long as it is not required to exceed its program
  • Automated systems are often created for one operating environment and will not function in another so there may be several versions of product on a single network.
Autonomic Systems
  • Knows itself
  • Knows its boundaries and its environment and can move beyond the boundaries to access, report or remediate
  • Configures and reconfigures itself as the network changes
  • Continually optimizes itself
  • Recovers or heals itself from a malfunction
  • Protects itself
  • Functions in a heterogeneous environment
  • Simpler to use and manage