Special Program for Arkansas Schools – June 2014

Special Program for Arkansas Schools puts $3,000,000 annually back into School Districts Budgets

Power conservation program also saves over 30 million kWhs yearly

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Special Program for Arkansas Schools puts $3,000,000 annually back into School Districts Budgets


Danville, CA – June 18, 2014

Autonomic Software, a leading provider of endpoint management and security software, today announced that in nine months they have installed desktop/laptop power management software into over 40 Arkansas School Districts. The software was installed at no cost to the districts. The company accepted rebates from Entergy and SWEPCO as payment in full. Autonomic Software installed, deployed, trained, and provides ongoing support as needed at no additional cost. School districts save between 40%-60% on energy bills for their computers.

To Date Arkansas School Districts who took part in this program has saved:

  • Over $3,000,000 that can be repurposed to meet the needs and requirements of the school districts
  • Thirty 30,000,000 kWh
  • 24,120 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere

Exceptional Achievement Award from Entergy

Entergy presented Autonomic Software with an award for “Exceptional Achievement” for their effort in helping Arkansas School Districts slash their PC power consumption.

This program was the brain child of Marrion Sweeney, Director of Marketing for Autonomic Software. “I chose Arkansas school districts because, as I researched candidates, I discovered that the educators in this state had a fierce determination to provide a good education to their students and future citizens. That is something Autonomic Software wants to support” she said. “As a company we cannot donate $3 million to schools – but we can help school districts generate it for themselves. That does make us feel very good about what we do.”

“We have found that Arkansas School Districts shows a clear understanding what these computer power savings can do for their schools,” said Tony Gigliotti, President of Autonomic Software. “When a school district pays their utility companies for energy, they are being charged for power conservation rebates. If they do not take advantage of this rebate the money is lost, and so is the opportunity to put funds back into a meager annual budget.”

Media Contact Marrion Sweeney 925-820-8074 marrion@autonomic-software.com

This special Arkansas School District Program offered by Autonomic Software is now available to all schools even if they are not in a rebate area. That means that all schools will be able to take advantage of the program without any cost to the school districts.