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Extending the use of ePO

Fully Integrated
Endpoint Management
and Security Solutions:

- Endpoint Manager
- Patch and Application Manager
- PC Power Manager

SIA Partner of the Year

As McAfee as McAfee

The security

of the most secure

platform on the planet!

SIA Partner of the Year

No Extra Training Costs

If you are a McAfee ePO user,
you already know how
to use our solutions.

SIA Partner of the Year

Integrated solutions that

help drive down the cost

per node to a big fat ZERO!

SIA Partner of the Year

McAfee Certified
for ePolicy Orchestrator

Less Complexity – More Usability

  • One Console
  • One Database
  • One Report Generator

SIA Partner of the Year

Patch Manager

Gartner reports that more than 80% all successful cyber attacks have something to do with known vulnerabilities not being patched. Find out how your organization can keep current with patching.

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Power Manager

The money saved with PC Power Manager will pay for Patch Manager and Endpoint Manager for ePO as well as McAfee’s Endpoint Security Suite.

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Endpoint Manager

Comprehensive set of security and endpoint management tools – Hardware & Software Inventory, Software License Reconciliation, Imaging, etc.

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Autonomic Software Provides:

  • Comprehensive endpoint management and security plug-ins that extend McAfee ePO, reduce complexity, and advance endpoint security.
  • Fully integrated solutions for McAfee ePO that require no extra console, database, reports generator, hardware, or software.  Our solutions install like any McAfee ePO plug-in and require little training. If you have used McAfee ePO before, then you are already 95% trained.
  • Wake-on-LAN Secure wakes up computers in off time to perform network and endpoint tasks, updates and maintenance. There is no need to reconfigure routers to enable wake-on-LAN across multiple subnets.
  • Solutions that are built on the principals of Autonomic Computing and lighter code.  The total number of lines of code in all three solutions is about 13,000 lines of code.  The agent is only 254KB.
  • Lowest Cost-of-ownership in the Industry.
  • Special Arkansas School District Program

    Autonomic Software offered Arkansas School Districts a special PC Power Management program that, to date, has installed in more than 40 school districts and can expect to save over $3,000,000.00 per year.  More school districts are signing up, with the promise that the Power Manager will not cost them one red cent.  The Money saved will go back into the annual budget of each district.  Learn More about Power Manager.

  • Job Well Done

    Entergy, a utility company in Arkansas presented Autonomic Software with an Exceptional Achievement Award for 2013 for the work to help Arkansas Schools conserve power.  Autonomic Software is an Efficiency Trade Ally with Entergy and provides schools, governments, commercial enterprises with power conservation software for their PCs and Laptops.

  • Imaging and Migration Added to Endpoint Manager for ePO

    Autonomic Software’s Imaging capability captures user profile and specifies which data files to preserve during the imaging – making migration from XP a snap. Imaging is now a task that can be accomplished through your ePO console.  Learn More

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